On the fly laser marking

Marking on the fly means marking moving objects directly on the production line. For continuous production lines marking on the fly makes efficient marking possible without the need of slowing down the production process.

Cajo laser markers are designed for continuous marking on production lines. Our specially developed solutions make it possible have great marking quality even on high speed production lines. High peak power and pulse frequencies of Cajo laser markers maximize the production line capacity while maintaining great marking quality. Cajo laser marking system can easily be integrated into existing lines and ERP systems.

Cajo for marking on the fly

  • Excellent marking quality
  • Markings on high line speeds
  • Integrable to existing line and ERP system
  • Applications for different industries


  • CASE: Challenges to find a suitable marking solution for steel wires

    Brand protection, Cable markings, Identification markings, Marking on the fly, Traceability markings for metal

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  • CASE: Marking on the fly on aluminum extrusion

    Brand protection, Direct part marking, Identification markings, Marking on the fly, Product markings

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