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Stand out from the competition and boost your business

The patented color patterning and marking technology developed by Cajo Technologies offers you a wide range of options for branding, designing and customizing your products. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to customize and personalize almost any material from tiny products to large surfaces – make your products yours and ensure your customers remember you! Thanks to our marking technology and services, you will stand out from the competition and you’ll be able to provide your customers with new services.

Develop new design

Create something unique, stand out from the competition and develop new design with us. Cajo Technologies offers you the tools and full service to help you to create something unique.

Cajo Technologies’ own patented color patterning and marking method is based on a unique innovative application of the traditional laser beam. Our method alters the surface structure of the material, and no additives or pigments are needed. The method allows for extremely precise, permanent and practically everlasting color patterning on almost all materials and it offers you the best tools to protect your brand. Our marking technology has already been applied by major international corporations, such as Kone and Fiskars.

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Wide material selection

Materials that can be marked or patterned by Cajo Laser Marking Systems:
•Stainless steel (RST)
•And many more

Markings and patterns can be scaled from close-ups to large surfaces.

Color patterning of stainless steel.

Personalized products for your customers

Boost your business by providing your customers with innovatively personalized products!
Thanks to our browser-based CajoCloud system, you can offer your customers a unique opportunity to customize and personalize your products easily online.