Innovative marking solutions for metal industry

Cajo Technologies’ own patented color pattering and marking method is based on a unique, innovative application of the traditional laser beam. Our technology alters the surface structure of the material and no additives or pigments are needed. The process does not affect the material quality and it allows for extremely precise, permanent and virtually everlasting color patternings on almost all materials.

Color markings and black markings on stainless steel

Our color patterning and marking technology offers you a wide range of options for branding, designing and customizing your products. By using our technology, you can customize and personalize almost any material from tiny products to large surfaces. Thanks to our technology and service, you will stand out from the competition and you will be able to provide your customers with completely new services. So whatever your vision is we are ready to innovate with you to make it happen.

stainless steel marking cajo technologies

Cajo Mira

  • Color markings on stainless steel
  • Black markings on stainless steel
  • All the traceability markings for industrial purposes
  • Cost-efficient, complete solutions for industrial signs and traceability marking
  • Markings meeting the global standards
  • One single machine to make markings on different materials and for different purposes
  • Official partner of global GS1