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Cajo Technologies offers integrable marking solution for different industries

Cajo’s laser marking machines can be integrated with other industrial equipment. The marking system can be delivered as a stand-alone or as an integrated marking solution with customer specific customization. The integrated marking solution meets industrial standards and can be easily installed on new or existing production lines with customer specific customization.

At Cajo Technologies, we value partnerships and collaboration. We believe that working together, we can deliver the best value for our customers. We are creating new standards in the world of traceability, helping our customers to find the best marking solutions for their products.

Our competitive advantage lays on the strong focus on software development, and on our patented laser technology. Being customer-driven is core of our quality process. Now we are looking for partners to integrate our marking systems to the customer´s existing ERP systems and automatic production lines.

Join our integration partner program and explore how it can support your business growth. Contact us to find out more about our partner program possibilities.


  • Prima Power is a world class supplier in the high technology field of laser and sheet metal fabrication machines. Prima Power offers advanced solutions for manufacturing and production, and integrability between different work stages of the sheet metal working process. Within the last years, the need for marking and identification has increased strongly in the industry, and through the laser technology provided by Cajo, the company can offer new kind of marking solutions for production lines.

  • JOT Automation delivers production automation and testing solutions. Their customers are leading companies manufacturing products for the telecommunications and electronics industry. Through the laser technology provided by Cajo, the company can offer new kind of marking solutions for production lines.

  • CO-Automation plans and builds automation solutions from food industry to machine workshops and to electronic industry. Their goal is to increase the profitability for their customer, and Cajo´s technology offers a suited solution for all product markings as a part of the automation system.

  • Apex Automation offers engineering services and automation systems as turnkey or part delivery solutions. Their mission is to improve customer’s production capacity, competitiveness and product quality by providing the necessary automation and electrical engineering services.


  • GS1 is an organization working for globally harmonized standard systems for traceability in supply chains. Their supply chain standards define ways to store and transfer data so organizations can exchange information smoothly. GS1 standard barcoding is increasingly used also in health systems around the world, and the Global GS1 standards meet the U.S. government’s criteria for issuing UDIs and will help manufacturers comply with the requirements of the FDA UDI regulation, to support patient safety and supply chain security. Read more about UDI systems and Cajo´s solution for medical device markings.