CajoCad is very comprehensive design software for Cajo laser markings.

Designing and making markings with the software is easy and fast. The software contains a material library of 10 materials that define laser parameters for each material. Other materials can be added to the software by Cajo in accordance with the price list. The user can also store laser parameters into the library.

The software’s wide variety of tools makes it easy to design markings. Common shapes such as lines, squares and circles can be added to marking templates, along with Windows TrueType fonts when using texts. The sortware has support for the most common bar codes and 2D codes. A company’s logo and other images can be added to the marking as vector graphics or bitmap images.

The program supports the use of timestamps and serial numbers in different forms. A serial number increases in value automatically and a timestamp is taken at the moment of printing. The information to be marked can be read from text files or Excel files.

The CajoLink service enables Cajo’s technical experts to provide assistance quickly and easily by connecting remotely to the control computer of the marking device. This also makes it possible to reduce the the duration of interruptions in production. CajoLink requires an Internet connection to function.

Features of CajoCad:

• Designing of marking templates and markings
• Copying of marking templates into new marking templates
• Laser parameters for 10 materials is included as default
• Adjusting of basic parameters of a laser
• Marking on the fly: marking is made on a moving item
• Markings may contain graphic objects such as lines, squares, circles, curves and text
• All TrueType fonts installed in Windows are available in markings
• Various types of single line fonts for making markings (162 pcs)
• Markings may contain vector graphics (.plt, .dxf, .dst, .svg, .nc, .g)
• Markings may contain bitmap images (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tga, .tif, .tiff).
• Marking of most common bar codes and 2D codes
• Automatic adding of date and time into marking
• Serial number generation by increase the value of the field in connection with every marking
• Retrieval of a variable marking content from a text file or Excel file
• Marking on a round surface with a rotating device
• Image processing, such as grayscale and black/white conversions
• Versatile tools for hatch. Three different kinds of hatch can be made on one object at single run.
• Data transfer through a serial port or LAN. Data can be a serial number to be marked, for instance.
• Testing of marking with a red dot laser.
• Support for protecting settings with a password

System requirements

• Windows 7 or Windows 10
• USB port