Case: Boliden: Inkjet replaced by Cajo Tailor

Boliden, the world’s fifth largest producer of zinc metal from smelters, previously used the ink jet method to mark the batch number and date of manufacture on their zinc bars. The method was challenging because of surface humidity and temperature variation.

The solution by Cajo was a fully automated marking system integrated into the customer’s production line. Cajo Technologies supplied the engineering, installation and commissioning of the system, whereas the robot was supplied by our partner ABB.

Thanks to Cajo’s technology, highly precise and abrasion-resistant marking with uniform quality can be carried out, regardless of the environment and surface. In addition, the location and content of the markings can be easily changed using an easy-to-use interface. The solution allows for inserting additional information in the marking, such as graphics, a bar code and a data matrix. It is essential for the further processing of the product that Cajo’s technology allows marking in an ecologically sound way with no additives or pigments.

Cajo for Metal Industry

Case Sartorius Group: Traditional laser replaced by Cajo Laser

The Sartorius Group is an international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier, covering the segments of Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services.

Earlier Sartorius was using a traditional laser to mark their plastic objects for medical industry. Service and maintenance of the marking machine play essential role to avoid interruptions in the production lines. In addition to this, the markings in medical devices need to be stable and precise in all plastic types being used. Sartorius replaced the traditional laser with Cajo Mira laser marking system to fulfil all the requirements and chose to automate the marking process with rotating table.

Cajo for Medical Industry

Case Gerber Gear: Traditional Laser Replaced with Cajo Laser Marking System

Gerber Gear, leading global supplier personal knives, multi-tools, and supplier of blades to the U.S. Military, was using outdated laser technology from a large laser manufacturer. They felt their markings were not precise enough to match the quality of their products and were frustrated by frequent machine break down.

Gerber conducted a diligent selection process in which multiple top laser marking systems manufacturers were considered through a series of prototyping tests. In the end, they chose Cajo Technologies due to their system’s unmatched marking sharpness and speed. Additionally, Cajo Technologies laser’s unique ability to mark vibrant colors on steel, titanium, and chrome without additives provided a singular benefit that now allows Gerber Gear to permanently mark full-color graphics directly on their blades.

The solution implemented was two Cajo Mira Advanced lasers configured with an automatically rotating table. This update to their production line allows new levels of speed and accuracy in Gerber Gear’s production process without machine maintenance or down time.

gerber 2

Case Halton Marine: CO2 laser replaced by Cajo Mira laser marking system

Halton Marine offers solutions for enhancing safety, energy efficiency and comfort in ships, offshore locations and energy industry. Halton Marine products include marking plates tailored for customer needs. Previously the plates were made by CO2 laser technology that requires ionization (CerMark laser spray or similar).

Cajo Mira laser marking solution is an extremely precise, fast and cost efficient solution for the needs of Halton Marine. There can be over a dozen different marking plates for different components in Halton Marine’s products. Therefore the flexibility and speed of the marking equipment are top priorities. Cajo Mira has an easy-to-use user interface which makes the changing of the marking files fast.

As the fiber laser of Cajo Mira does not require ionization the business savings are considerable. The solution is also ecologically sustainable as no additives or pigments are used. The markings done with Cajo Mira are virtually eternal and they do not affect to the acid endurance of the material. 85% of the Halton Marine’s plates are acid resistant material (EN 1.4404-1.4438).

Cajo for Marking

Halton_Marine_4 refe

Case Raiha Hydraulics: Traditional laser replaced by Cajo Stella

Raiha Hydraulics is one of the oldest industrial hydraulics providers in Finland. Previously the company was using product type plates which were engraved or lasered without any colors.

Cajo´s unique color marking solution enables company´s logo in brand colors with data matrix or QR code even in 5*5 mm size on the type plates. By using Cajo Technologies´unique solution the product type plates of Raiha Hydraulics get a modern design. The solution allows for creating changing information, such as serial numbering.

Cajo for Marking

Following companies among others, use Cajo Technologies marking systems: