Industrial signs and traceability markings meeting the global standards

Cajo Technologies offers innovative, cost-efficient laser marking solutions for industrial signs and traceability marking. Our patented marking system is based on the focused laser beam system, which produces extremely precise and virtually everlasting markings. Cajo Technologies’ solutions make your marking process significantly quicker than when using traditional lasers or other technologies.

Cajo Technologies’ method can be used to mark almost any material. We offer all-inclusive laser marking solutions for industrial signs and traceability markings, including 2D markings like QR codes and data matrix. Our marking systems (CajoCad, CajoMark and CajoCloud) can be integrated with the customer’s production system.

Global partner of GS1

More than 5 billion tracing labels such as bar codes or QR codes are scanned every day according to global standard organization GS1. It represents more than 2 million member companies using its standards for identification on their products.

Cajo Technologies is an official partner of global GS1, and one of the key companies providing technology for traceability purposes.

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Cajo Technologies is faster and more cost-efficient than any of the following marking methods:

•Traditional laser
•Stick-on labels
•Ink jet
•Screen printing
•Pad printing
•Mould marking

Cajo laser marking systems

• Stable, precise and easily repeatable process which makes Cajo’s lasers suitable for creating complicate markings on commercial products.
• No negative effect on material’s qualities – the laser markings made on stainless steel with Cajo laser have been tested according to ISO 9227 standard
• Wide range of marking sizes available from micro size to large surfaces.
• Laser marking is ecological and no additives or pigments are used in the process. Using inks or chemicals makes marking more costly and requires further processing of production waste.

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