Cost savings through updating your marking systems

Cajo Technologies offer you unique marking solutions for color marking and decorating a wide range of material and products. The ability to adapt one single machine to make markings on different surfaces and for different purposes differs Cajo´s system from traditional marking solutions. With Cajo Laser marking machines there is no need for any additives or pigments, and the system is fast and works with low power consumption. Cajo laser marking system needs very limited resources to operate and it doesn´t generate any waste during the process.

datamatrix ce with laser marking machines


Integrable marking systems for different industries

Cajo’s laser marking machines can be integrated with other industrial equipment. The marking system can be delivered as a stand-alone or as an integrated marking solution with customer specific customization. Cajo´s systems have been used to replace traditional marking systems such as ink jets. It has already proven to be extremely useful in numerous industries including metal industry, medical equipment manufacturing, consumer product manufacturing, cables and electric harness industry, marine industry, hydraulic service industry, and jewelry decorating industry.

Replaceable marking methods

Cajo Technologies is faster, more cost-efficient and more flexible than any of the following marking methods:

•Traditional laser
•Stick-on labels
•Screen printing
•Pad printing
•Mould marking
•Ink jet