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our SOLUTIONS FOR END PRODUCT MARKING AND contract manufacturing

Innovative product marking with laser marking

Laser marking offers unlimited possibilities for product markings on wide range of materials. All product markings can be created with one flexible solution.

The patented laser marking technology developed by Cajo Technologies offers a wide range of options for marking products, with more accurate and permanent products markings. Our systems can be used for identification, safety and traceability markings e.g. barcodes, data matrix and QR codes. Our patented technology makes it possible to create permanent markings without any additives or pigments.

Cajo Technologies is faster, more cost-efficient and more flexible than any of the following marking methods:

  • Traditional laser
  • Stick-on labels
  • Engraving
  • Pad printing
  • Etching
  • Stamping
  • Mould marking
  • Ink jet

Identification marking for verification of quality and traceability of the products

Our easy-to-use turnkey solutions are optimized to industrial production processes, for traceability and product markings.

Product identification marking ensures the verification of quality and traceability of your products or parts permanently. Such as RFID labels, UDI markings, data matrix, barcodes just to mention few.

We offer both integrated and stand-alone system solutions for accurate, sustainable and fast markings for challenging materials, made on static objects or on-the-fly to match your production line speeds.


Often brand products are manufactured by contract manufacturers. Many global contract manufacturers already use Cajo laser marking solutions. Gain competitive advantage by offering your customers an efficient and high-class laser marking process that ensures exquisite, quality end products, parts and sub-assemblies!


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