Cajo Technologies joins the Batteries European Partnership Association

Cajo, has officially joined the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA), confirming its commitment to improve the competitiveness of the European battery industry

Counting more than 165 members, BEPA is a leading association dedicated to create a competitive, sustainable and circular European industrial battery value chain for stationary applications and e-mobility. The BEPA members will work together to prepare Europe to manufacture and commercialise by 2030 the next-generation battery technologies that will enable the rollout of the zero-emission mobility and renewable energy storage.

BEPA represents the private side association of the BATT4EU Partnerships the co-programmed partnership on batteries launched by the European Commission under Horizon Europe. The partnership will mobilise more 925 million euros, to boost European research and innovation in the battery sector.

Cajo will contribute to BEPA goals, by bringing in its expertise in traceability solutions. Company is providing turn-key laser marking solutions for traceability coding of electric vehicle battery foils. Cajo addresses global sustainability challenges by promoting the goal to reduce the use of chemicals, as well as reducing material waste and energy consumption. Cajo`s chemical-free laser marking technology enables over 90% reduction of carbon footprint of industrial labelling. Cajo is a fast-growing international company, with its head office and production in Kempele, Finland, and deliveries made to over 50 countries to market leaders in various industries.

For more information:
Mr. Niko Karsikas, CEO, Cajo Technologies Oy
+358 50 517 6906,

For more information visit BEPA website