Cajo lasers and marking on the fly

One of the often-questioned question is that what is laser marker´s capability to mark on the fly.

Marking on the fly is a process, where a component is marked while it is passing by marking device. Typically, markings are concerning internal traceability (product ID, batch number, serial number, metrical data) or identification (logo, brand effects). We have gained a lot of experience about marking on the fly in different applications within metal, cable and wire and medical industries. For example, from extrusion processes and coil production just to mention few.

What we have noticed about the approximate line speed in metal or in cable and wire applications, it varies between couple of meters per minute up to hundreds of meters per minute. At this point, it is good to be aware that deep engraving of metal is not possible on the fly. It is because, deep engraving with laser marker requires multiple consecutive marking phases (work passes) within one engraving event.

When you are looking for on the fly marking solution, we highly recommend that material is test marked. Making proto tests for customer materials is our proof of concept and a way to show our marking quality hence capability. At the same time, by making test markings we have the possibility to optimize the required process time for on the fly marking and give guarantee about quality and contrast of the marking. We have own proto and application test laboratory based in our headquarters in Kempele, Finland, what gives us capability to do material tests with flexible schedule.

If you are seeking integrable marking solution for marking material or products on the fly – do not hesitate to ask more from our laser marking experts. You can find our sales team contact info here or you can leave us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.