Cajo made a co-operation agreement with JTA Connection

Cajo Technologies has made a co-operation agreement with a full-service provider in industrial automation JTA Connection.

JTA provides full-service machine automation, robotics solutions and professional resources. They make high-quality, tailor-made robotic cells and create automation solutions for a wide range of industrial needs all around the world. In addition, they provide comprehensive project management and installation services.

Cajo provides market leading laser marking solutions for industrial traceability and product marking purposes. The solutions enable long life cycle and almost service free operation when replacing inkjet-, label-, engraving-, etching- and painting technologies. The technology enables generating machine readable traceability markings lasting through the whole product life cycle even in challenging circumstances.

“The manufacturing industry is heavily investing in automation, IIoT, and sustainable solutions and constantly investigates for solutions that increase the degree of automation of production processes, cost-efficiency, and improves product quality. By integrating Cajo’s laser marking solutions into JTA Connection’s automation solutions, we achieve significant added value for material producers and processors, as well as component and end-product manufacturers. The first projects have already been implemented and the reception has been good”, says Mr. Niko Karsikas, CEO, Cajo Technologies.  This is also meaning that utilizing robotics will increase significantly.

“We are constantly striving to expand our solution offering with innovative technologies. Marking of products and parts is a very typical phase in the industry, but still many companies have a lot of improvements to be done to achieve efficient and high-quality performance. Co-operation with Cajo provides us a great tool to create added value for our customers in the field of industrial labeling”, says Mr. Jere Mattjus, Executive Vice President, JTA Connection.

For more information:
Mr. Niko Karsikas, CEO, Cajo Technologies Oy
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Mr. Jere Mattjus, Executive Vice President, JTA Connection Oy
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