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Cajo Technologies made a cooperation agreement with JOT Automation

Laser marking device manufacturer Cajo Technologies, a company headquartered in Kempele, Finland, and experiencing strong international growth, has made a cooperation agreement with JOT Automation, which delivers production automation and testing solutions. JOT Automation’s customers are leading companies manufacturing products for the telecommunications and electronics industry.

”JOT Automation complements Cajo’s cooperation partner network well and opens the electronics manufacturers’ market to Cajo’s technology. Through integration with JOT’s production automation solutions, we reach new kinds of end customers, and together with JOT we can make highly developed laser marking technology available to them. I believe that cooperation with JOT Automation will become part of Cajo’s growth story,” says Cajo’s Sales Director Jyrki Helin.

Cajo’s device solutions are widely used, for example, in the metal, medical and cable industries and brand products. Cajo’s patented technology enables extremely precise and permanent markings on almost any material quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to traditional product markings, the technology is applied in traceability solutions and as part of the visualisation of end products. Cato offers both stand-alone devices and device and system integrations performed through partnerships.

”JOT Automation develops automation products, which use the latest technology and new innovations. Cooperation with Cajo has taken off quickly and in a pragmatic manner, and our objective is to bring the latest technology into our JOT F1C laser marking systems with Cajo. We expect the cooperation to open new customer relationships for both parties,” say Pasi Röppänen and Ville Vatanen from JOT Automation.

JOT operates in 10 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia, and its headquarters is in Oulu. The company has more than 200 employees around the world. Veikko Lesonen founded JOT Automation at the end of the 1980s.

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Cajo Technologies

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Jyrki Helin
Sales Director
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JOT Automation

Pasi Röppänen
Director, Test Automation BU
+358 50 372 9261

Ville Vatanen
Director, Industrial Products BU
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