Cajo Technologies one of the finalists in Smartsteel Innovation Challenge!

SSAB together with Sandvik Materials Technology are organizing a SmartSteel Innovation Challenge. The companies are looking for ideas to create a unique fingerprint-like identifier that makes tracing of steel products like plate, strip and tube possible throughout the steel refining value chain all the way to the end product. The identifier needs to be an intrinsic part of the product even after cutting in pieces. Furthermore, it needs to withstand both thermal and mechanical processing (e.g. mechanical bending, deformation, shot blasting, high temperatures, painting, contact with acids and other chemicals). The Innovation Challenge is organized as part of the SmartSteel project related to the Strategic Innovation Program PiiA.

The winner(s) will have a chance to work with SSAB and Sandvik and join them in the next stage in the SmartSteel project. The finalists will individually present their ideas to SSAB, Sandvik Materials Technology and PiiA representatives at the Pitching Day in Stockholm, Sweden on 12 December 2018.

The winners will be announced next Monday, on December 17th

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