Challenges to find a suitable marking solution for steel wires

One of our customers in steel wire industry is specialized in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. They produce coated steel wire, which is being used to lift objects weighing thousands of tons.

All the wires must be traceable, in order to be able to prevent any counterfeit wires getting along the wires manufactured under the original brand. Counterfeit cables are not a new issue within the industry. Many businesses have encountered counterfeit parts as they build cable and harness assemblies. Manufacturers purchase wires and components which do not meet industry requirements, and are made of lower quality materials that cannot perform the necessary functions required of the cable or harness.

Cajo´s customer´s requirements to prevent counterfeit included the traceability marking and identification code to be generated with the best possible contrast compared to the wire. The marking process takes part at the end of the production line and must follow the production line speed 200m/minute.

The wires to-be-marked included galvanized and PET-coated wires. The company had searched for a suitable marking solution for a longer period, and had ended up using even painting with unsustainable results.

Cajo Technologies´ solution includes a 100W Cajo Tailor™ system that enables fast on-the-fly marking, though the system can also be used for static marking. The system comes with the necessary software, including CajoCAD for creating marking files and parametrization, and CajoMark, an operator interface to the marking system. The customer company made the integration work themselves, with the remote support from Cajo.

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