Cognex vision seminar in Vilnius by Cajo Technologies and TR Electronic

Together with their partner TR Electronics and Cognex, Cajo Technologies organized 24th April 2019 a one-day Vision seminar in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

The event was hosted by Matti Halonen from Cajo Technologies, Jesper Jorgensen from Cognex, and Tommi Naukkarinen and Rainer Huttunen from TR Electronic.

All the seats to the seminar were booked by companies seeking for new or better solutions to automate their production processes with Cognex vision systems and bar code readers together with Cajo laser marking systems.

Cognex is a world leader in machine vision technology and vision systems and the biggest brand providing industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation.

“The people came mainly Cognex vision systems in their minds, but they were very impressed after hearing more about Cajo laser marking solutions integrated with Cognex readers. Cajo is a relatively new brand in the market and it was a surprise for a lot of people that you can actually replace for example your (old) ink jet systems with an integrable fiber laser and gain a much shorter payback time”, explains Mr. Halonen from Cajo Technologies.

The machine vision, industrial bar coder readers with good identification and traceability of the products help companies to improve product quality, eliminate production errors, and improve the whole process and end-user safety. Typical applications for machine vision include for example monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.

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