Halton Marine: CO2 laser replaced by Cajo laser marking system

Halton Marine offers solutions for enhancing safety, energy efficiency and comfort in ships, offshore locations and energy industry. Halton Marine products include marking plates tailored for customer needs. Previously the plates were made by CO2 laser technology that requires ionization (CerMark laser spray or similar). The additive raised the running costs with more than 5000 € annually, decreasing the return on investment.

Cajo laser marking solution is an extremely precise, fast and cost-efficient solution for the needs of Halton Marine. The time required for the marking processes is 1/3 of the time needed with the previous system solution. The volumes are around 50 000 plates annually, and there can be over a dozen different marking plates for different components in Halton Marine’s products. Therefore, the flexibility and speed of the marking equipment are top priorities. Cajo laser marking system has an easy-to-use user interface which makes the changing of the marking files fast.

As the fiber laser of Cajo does not require ionization the business savings are considerable. The solution is also ecologically sustainable as no additives or pigments are used. The markings done with Cajo laser are virtually eternal and they do not affect to the acid endurance of the material. 85% of the Halton Marine’s plates are acid resistant material (EN 1.4404-1.4438). The patented marking technology of Cajo allows for black markings on stainless, what was top priority for Halton Marine.