Cajo Color Laser Marking on stainless steel

Identification with unique color marking as a solution to fight counterfeit products

By manufacturing industry, the smallest misstep in manufacturing or testing process can cause costly repairs, property damage, and even serious injuries.

One of our customers with big global operations had been fighting gray-market and counterfeit products for years. The copied parts were causing significant loss on sales, with machine breakdowns and down-times at customers´ production sites. Customer´s brand and reputation as a reliable and fast service partner was in danger.

With Cajo Technologies´ system solution the customer company is now able to protect and cover their brand by generating a unique traceability marking to each of the component. The traceability marking consists of customer identification code, including the factory location, date of the manufacturing and material code number. In addition to this, customer´s logo is being marked next to the identification code in original blue color.

Cajo Technologies´ solution includes a 20W Cajo Vega Advanced system that enables color marking on stainless steel. The system comes as a turnk-key solution with the necessary software, including CajoCAD for creating marking files and parametrization, and CajoMark, an operator interface to the marking system.