Intralox and Cajo Technologies forge North American partnership to bring cutting-edge traceability to conveyor belt tech

Intralox, producer of the most versatile modular plastic belting products worldwide and Laitram’s biggest division, has partnered with Cajo Technologies, a precision laser marking systems provider, to take steps towards advanced conveyor belt component tracking.

This synergistic partnership leverages Cajo Technologies’ patented laser marking software with vast and carefully tested material library to further enable Intralox’s R&D team to “Think Creatively, Deliver Results” in regard to traceability and brand protection solutions for their unique products.

As we have explored applications for Cajo Technologies, the company’s technologists have far exceeded expectations in responsiveness and creativity in helping us prototype, experiment and design tests.
– John Landrum, Vice President for Innovation, Intralox, LLC

More details to follow as this new method moves to production.

About Cajo Technologies

Cajo Technologies produces innovative laser marking solutions for all industrial and branding purposes that can be easily integrated in factory production lines or one-off use. These laser marking systems are widely used in the metal industry, plastics industry, cable and cable harness production, and the medical equipment industry. Cajo’s laser marking solutions create precise and virtually permanent component traceability, identification, and brand markings including 2D markings such as QR codes, bar codes, and data matrices with no product maintenance needed. In addition, our patented technology creates bright, repeatable colors on stainless steel, titanium, and chrome with no additives or pigments needed.

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Interested in creating permanent traceability and brand markings on virtually any material? Send us your hard-to-mark material samples and let’s talk laser marking solutions!

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