Keeltek becomes an official integrator and distributor of the best laser marking technology that exists today

Keeltek is a manufacturer of industrial machinery for the automation of industrial plants, production lines to the end of the line and logistic circuits. By partnering up with Cajo Technologies, Keeltek adds world-class laser marking to the company’s list of comprehensive automation solutions offered to manufacturers of all industries.

Keeltek, a Spanish specialist in automating industrial processes for any sector, signed a collaboration agreement with Cajo Technologies on January 12, 2023. Keeltek acknowledges that one of the biggest challenges in industrial processes is achieving the highest possible performance and productivity sustainably. Under this premise, Laser Marking technology is rapidly gaining ground and replacing inkjet methods for coding and marking virtually any product.

While Keeltek has tried other methods for marking and traceability for various industries before the brand-new partnership, the solutions have never been more efficient than with the latest generation of laser marking hardware and software solutions designed by Cajo Technologies. Cajo Laser empowers manufacturers with high-quality, precise and permanent markings for high-speed production lines.


Thanks to the partnership, Keeltek becomes an “official integrator and distributor of the best laser marking technology that exists today” as said in the official statement released earlier this week – such as the stand-alone Cajo Vega™ laser marking system presented in Cajo TechCenter.


“In Keeltek we are very happy with our visit to the HQ of Cajo Technologies, on this trip we find many similarities between both companies, both are young and dynamic and are committed to Research and Development. We were surprised by the level of involvement and closeness that all the people of Cajo give off, we are very grateful for the warm welcome they gave us. As CEO I am sure that this is the beginning of a very good relationship between both companies, which complement each other perfectly,” says Keeltek CEO Daniel Plá.

CEO Niko Karsikas and Director of Business Development Janne Mäkelä were among the Cajo key personnel to host Keeltek during their visit to Cajo HQ in Kempele, Finland. Mäkelä commented on the new partnership:

“We are really excited to partner up with Keeltek and particularly impressed with the company’s passion and knowledge for developing and selling high-quality technology and solutions. We have identified a growing demand in the Spanish market for cost-effective and ecological laser marking solutions, for example in the packaging industry. Customers are heavily investing in sustainable solutions that increase the degree of automation of production processes, cost-efficiency, and improve product quality. By integrating Cajo’s laser marking solutions into Keeltek’s systems, we achieve significant added value for material producers and processors, as well as for component and end-product manufacturers.”


Manufacturers who want to improve production processes with cost-effective and comprehensive automation solutions, contact Cajo or any official Cajo partner in your region – let’s find a laser marking solution that works for you best!


More information on Cajo’s new partner:

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Director of Business Development

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