Laser Marking Pioneer Cajo Technologies and Robot Automation Expert Probot Join Forces to Provide the Manufacturing Industry With Comprehensive and Efficient Production Automation Solutions

Probot Ltd., an expert in robot automation, and Cajo Technologies, a pioneer in laser marking technology, have joined forces. The impact of the cooperation is extensive thanks to the comprehensive and sustainable production automation solutions offered by the companies for many industries both in Finland and on the international market, replacing outdated and wasteful manufacturing methods with powerful systems.

Cajo Technologies Ltd. CEO and founder Niko Karsikas and Probot Ltd. CEO Matti Tikanmäki met at Cajo HQ and formed a cooperation agreement on October 7, 2022.

With plans to open a new assembly hall in Kempele, Finland, at the end of the year, Probot formed a cooperation agreement with Cajo Technologies on October 7. Both companies supply industrial manufacturers with solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into the production line or used as flexible stand-alone workstations for manually loaded parts.

In addition to close proximity to each other, the beneficial ties that bind the companies together include a substantially similar customer base. The cooperation empowers the companies with the keen ability to provide a wider range of products and services to customer companies.

Thanks to the cooperation, industrial manufacturers have the opportunity to get a comprehensive production-enhancing solution that combines high-quality product marking, precise machine vision and reliable robot automation.

”It is wonderful to start cooperating with such an innovative and youthful company. Cajo’s product marking is really futuristic technology! With that technology at our disposal, we can provide our customers with an efficient, environmentally friendly and traceable product marking solution for almost any material,” Probot Chief Executive Officer Matti Tikanmäki rejoices.

”In addition, Cajo and Probot are united by a progressive way of approaching even traditional industries. We are looking forward to joint projects with excitement!”


”By cooperating with Probot, we achieve significant added value for material producers and further processors as well as component and end product manufacturers. In the manufacturing industry, there is a growing need for solutions that can increase the level of production process automation, improve the quality of products, and increase cost-efficiency using the most environmentally friendly methods. Today’s production, logistics and processing chains require the most accurate and real-time quality management and monitoring of material flows. The official requirements related to the traceability of products are also getting more strict all the time,” says Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas.



Cajo is a fast-growing international technology company with the main office and manufacturing in Kempele, Finland, and subsidiaries in India and in the United States. Cajo has delivered laser marking systems to over 60 countries where the market leaders in for example metal, vehicle and cable industries continue to use Cajo lasers in daily production.

The company offers optimized and easy-to-use comprehensive solutions to industrial manufacturing processes for full traceability and product marking. Cajo’s long-lasting and low-maintenance solutions have been developed to replace traditional marking methods, such as inkjets, printing, labelling, engraving, etching and spray technologies.

Cajo’s cost-efficient technology enables the production of machine-readable traceability markings that last throughout the natural life cycle of the product even under challenging conditions. With Cajo’s sustainable laser technology, manufacturers can reach over 90 % reduction in carbon footprint compared to, for example, inkjets thanks to additive-free laser technology.



Probot implements customized robotics and automation solutions for various industries. The company is currently experiencing a period of strong growth. The expert company from Oulu has solid experience with various industrial robot cells as well as mobile and collaborative robot solutions. Probot’s customers are mainly small and medium-sized production plants from various industries. The company was founded in 2006 and currently employs 20 people. Probot operates as a KUKA System Partner, as an OMRON Certified Partner and as the European distributor of the Unitree robot dog and aims to be a pioneer in robotics in Finland.

The solutions implemented by Probot can be customized as part of a larger whole. The implementation is possible all the way from producing a prototype to the finished final product with the same turnkey principle, all under the same roof. If necessary, machine vision, artificial intelligence and augmented reality (XR) possibilities can also be utilized.

The automation of the production process is increasingly relevant and necessary. Today, robotics is a highly functional and reliable solution with a short payback time. At Probot, it is believed that technology can adapt to almost anything and has the chance to solve the challenges of working life in many traditional fields as well. Probot functions as the customer’s consultative partner and provides information on what technology can do. In principle, everything can be automated.