Laser marking on aluminum profile

Laser marking on-the-fly on aluminum extrusion

A company, who specializes in advanced components and machine engineering, was searching for a marking solution to add traceability markings to their high-speed aluminum extrusion process. Their production line moves at a speed of 1 meter (3.3ft) per second in the phase where the aluminum would be marked. On-the-fly marking is a process where a component is marked while it is moving past a marking device. This can be difficult to achieve as the marking system needs to track the speed of the component and mark in the correct place while it is in motion. The obvious advantages of on-the-fly markings are, that markings can be applied with a continuous long mark, and that components can be marked while moving through a high speed production line with almost no addition to cycle time.

They had already made tests with another fiber laser marking solution provider, but the results were that the device was unable to make markings on-the-fly with enough speed to match the rate of extrusion. In addition, the level of marking quality was not good enough. The production line would have needed to be stopped to mark the aluminum extrusion at regular intervals, which would have cost valuable time and money for the manufacturer.

Cajo began the project from making test markings for the customer and results were a great success. Cajo’s fiber laser marking system had ability to mark on-the-fly at high-speeds and markings met the customers’ needs. Traceability codes and serial numbers were precise and showed a really good quality. Cajo´s laser marking solution, Cajo Tailor™, was integrated into their production line with ease, resulting in a happy customer, who was able to maintain their production speed and product quality, while adding precise and necessary traceability markings.

Cajo’s laser marking solutions can perform on the fly markings at all common production line speeds. Additionally, Cajo Tailor Fiber™ laser markers can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

If you are wondering, what could be the right marking solution for your company´s marking needs, please don´t hesitate to contact our experts. We are here to help!