Pioneering laser marking company Cajo Technologies and supplier of aluminium profiles Profican join forces offering manufacturers comprehensive product marking solutions

Cajo Technologies continues strong international growth with the acquisition of Profican Ltd., a stalwart Nordic automation machinery manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aluminium profile systems. Together, the companies can offer manufacturers even more cost-effective and comprehensive product marking solutions with reliable and high-quality Cajo Laser.

Cajo Technologies Ltd. has agreed to purchase the share capital of Profican Ltd. on March 17, 2023. Both companies and their personnel will continue to operate as separate entities offering cost-effective and comprehensive product marking solutions for the benefit of the companies’ hundreds of customers worldwide.

Profican is a versatile and reliable Finnish company that designs and manufactures affordable yet high-quality machinery, including production and assembly lines tailored to the needs of the customer. The assembled profile structures and customer-oriented equipment manufactured by the company utilise affordable and cost-effective aluminium profiles. Profican also develops and offers a range of affordable high-quality conveyors, representing the NORCAN aluminium profile system in Finland.

As a company, Profican is well-established as a service-orientated provider involved in the customers’ development processes right from the start. With the implemented arrangement, Cajo can offer a wider range of products and services to customer companies and the partner network. Additionally, there are significant synergy benefits to the operations of both companies.

“Thanks to the collaboration, we can offer our customers and partners comprehensive solutions that improve production processes and combine high-quality product marking, accurate machine vision, and cost-effective and reliable aluminium profile systems,” says Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas.

Profican CEO Veijo Kääntä could not agree more.

“The goal is cost efficiency and ease for the customer. Profican continues to serve customers also directly just like before,” he adds.

With the cooperation of Cajo and Profican now closer than ever before, comprehensive product marking solutions that combine high-quality laser and cost-effective aluminium profiles continue strong international growth.


profican-ceo-veijo-kaanta-cajo-ceo-niko-karsikas-announce-partnershipProfican CEO Veijo Kääntä and Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas announce the cooperation that will forge an even stronger foothold in the global product marking industry.


Manufacturers who want to improve manufacturing processes with reliable and cost-effective product marking solutions can contact Cajo here.


For more information, please contact:

Cajo Technologies Ltd.

Niko Karsikas
+358 50 5176 906


Profican Ltd.

Veijo Kääntä
+358 40 5226 540



Profican Ltd. is a solvent company that has been operating for a long time and has an established wide customer base in Finland. The company has more than 20 years of experience in aluminium profile construction. The company is the official representative of the NORCAN aluminium profile system in Finland. The company designs, refines, and sells aluminium system profiles as factory packages, individual blocks, pre-sawn and machined or ready-made assemblies. In addition to ready-made solutions, the company’s portfolio includes, for example, linear axes and drives as well as cost-effective roller and belt conveyors for all part handling needs.

Read more about Profican at


Cajo Technologies

Cajo is an international, fast-growing technology company with headquarters and manufacturing in Kempele, and subsidiaries in India and in the United States. Cajo has made deliveries to more than 60 countries worldwide, including to market leaders in the metal, automotive and cable industries.

The company offers complete and easy-to-use solutions for traceability and product marking optimized for industrial production processes. Long-lasting and maintenance-free solutions have been developed to replace traditional marking methods such as inkjet, print, label, engraving, etching, and painting technologies.

Cajo’s intelligent technology makes it possible to implement high-quality machine-readable traceability markings that last throughout the product’s life cycle even in challenging conditions. Cajo’s sustainable laser technology offers manufacturers an over 90 % reduction of the carbon footprint of industrial labelling compared to for example inkjets thanks to additive-free technology.

Read more about how sustainable Cajo Laser compares with inkjet in the Macon 2020 report here.

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