Renewals to software and product family from Cajo Technologies

Laser marking equipment manufacturer Cajo Technologies is continuing its investment in the development of software for laser marking machines. The CajoMark user interface software in Cajo laser marking machines has gone through a comprehensive revision with the aim of creating an even better customer experience.

”User-friendliness of equipment and software is of primary importance to Cajo. We will continue to invest strongly in software development. New features are developed continuously”, says Juha Jokisalo, Cajo’s R&D Director.

The versatile software integration interfaces make it possible to connect a marking machine to the customer’s ERP system, for instance, and automatic production lines. The process engine of CajoMark makes it possible to execute even complicated workflows according to the customer’s needs.

In addition to the user interface renewal, Cajo has also responded to customer needs on the product side by releasing the Cajo Tailor CO2 product. The new system can be integrated to the customer’s production line or equipment and is designed to replace traditional marking systems such as inkjets. Cajo Tailor CO2 can be used to sustainably mark plastics, glass, stone, wood, leather and other organic materials and products made of them.

Additional information

Cajo Technologies
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Jyrki Helin
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R&D Director
Juha Jokisalo
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