Cajo´s event calendar updated!

Company News • 03.01.2018

We happily greet the new year and as usual, also in 2018 we will be active in all industry and manufacturing-related events.

So far, the following events are confirmed in our event calendar:

APEX Customer Day in Kokkola (Finland) 31.1.2018
MACH2018 in Birmingham, (UK) 9.-13.4.2018
Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) 9.-10.5.2018
IMTS Chicago (USA) 10.-15.9.2018
AMB, Stuttgart (Germany) 18.-22.9.2018
Alihankintamessut, Tampere (Finland) 25.-27.9.2018
Scanautomatic, Gothenburg 9.-11.10.2018
EuroBlech, Hannover (Germany) 23.-26.10.2018

This means that in these events you are going to have the opportunity to test-drive our laser marking systems, and to see the speed and the quality of the markings.
We will keep updating the list throughout the year, so stay tuned!