Laser Marking on Hard-Anodized Aluminium – Partnership With Cajo Helps Mectalent Meet Demanding Customer Needs

Product development, demanding equipment manufacturing and precision mechanics are Mectalent’s top expertise. Mectalent provides comprehensive customer service all the way from product development to production. Depending on customer requirements, Mectalent can also provide assistance exclusively in product development or in production.

Ponsse chose Cajo laser for marking VIN numbers

Ponsse Plc– one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines – operates in harvesting markets in 40 different countries, and nearly 80 percent of its net sales come from exports. They wanted to enhance their marking process, because the costs were relatively high and, also the quality of the marking needed an uplift.

Branding ice skating blades with Cajo laser marking solution

Prosharp Proshop is dedicated in ice sports in all its form. Their goal is to make the design and sharpening of skate blades faster, better, and safer for its users. Their products are widely used among e.g., figure skaters and professional ice hockey players in the NHL, KHL and Finnish Ice hockey leagues. Prosharp Proshop