Ponsse chose the modern and safe Cajo Tailor™ marking system — Every forest machine is laser-marked sustainably and permanently with a unique VIN production code

Like Cajo, also Ponsse Plc delivers sustainable solutions for the benefit of customers and the environment. Today, Ponsse is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines. The carbon steel frames of Ponsse forest machines are marked with unique VIN production codes for reliable product identification and full traceability using sustainable laser technology.

TactoTek uses a sustainable Cajo laser marking system for product marking and decoration of plastic cost-efficiently

Fiber laser is a technology that can be used to mark plastic parts remarkably flexibly and cost-efficiently. All the necessary production chain information can be permanently marked on the product. Also at TactoTek, laser marking has replaced more traditional methods, such as labels and inkjets.

Laser Marking Improves Visor Production Efficiency and Reduces Errors in Logo Marking

Every Visor blind is tailor-made by hand as custom work in Kempele, Finland. Visor delivers customers unique solutions and products planned together with an expert. Precision, high quality and customer-oriented solutions made Cajo a natural partner to Visor in order to improve production efficiency.