Cajo laser markings in Oura health ring

Oura Ring tracks and measures the physiological signals of your body as well as your daily activities. Every Oura ring has installed PCB inside of the ring. These PCB´s needs to be marked for traceability purposes. Besides of getting good permanent markings to their products that are code readable, Oura wanted to automatize the process as much as possible. Cajo delivered a turn-key solution Cajo Vega™ with protective housing.

Oura is a smart ring that tracks your sleep quality, body responses (like resting heart rate, heart rate variability and body temperature) as well as daily activities. When developing the innovative ring, Oura Health learned that every product needs to be marked with specific information for traceability purposes. Their solution was to mark the PCB that is installed inside the ring so that the marking is visible from inside surface containing essential information like ring size, serial number, and the country of origin.

The starting point was to automatize the marking process as much as possible. This means that the data to be marked should be automatically read by Cognex barcode reader and manual phases should be avoided.

Automatized marking process

The solution from Cajo was Cajo Vega Advanced™ 20W fiber laser which is a turn-key solution with protective housing. When the Oura Flex-PCB panel with 12 single PCB´s is being fed inside the laser marking system, the integrated Cognex barcode reader scans the panel’s escort label. This label has a data matrix code including all the information that the laser needs for marking every piece with specific information.

In addition to this, Oura marks also the ring chargers with the same marking systems. The chargers are black anodized aluminum and the process is similar to the ring marking: several pieces being marked at one run and all the needed information for the marking on the escort label, read by Cognex reader and forwarded for the marking laser.

According to Oura, the Cajo Vega™ system has proven to be a robust and reliable solution for product markings on Oura ring and charger. Cajo’s own software solution CajoSuite™ has dynamic data handling ensuring correct, good quality markings on the fly for each product variant. The customer also praises Cajo´s after-sales services: there has been one occasion requiring after sales services, which got resolved very fast.