iLOQ received cost savings by improving marking process

iLOQ is a fast-growing manufacturer and developer of digital locking systems. Every key needs to be individually identified, and the identification relates to the electronics inside the key. iLOQ used to mark their keys with a traditional laser, but the markings tended to vanish in everyday use. Cajo provided a solution with permanent, abrasion-resistant markings that are easily managed by marking software integrated to customers ERP.

iLOQ is manufacturer and developer of digital locking systems. Their electronically programmable digital and mobile keys are self-powered, and no batteries or cables are needed. Every key needs to be individually identified, and the identification relates to the electronics inside the key. iLOQ used a traditional laser to mark their keys, but the markings weren´t abrasion-resistant and tended to vanish in everyday use.

EMS ERP, jig and marking laser talking with each other

According to the iLOQ Test Engineer Harri Nyyssönen, with Cajo Vega™ fiber laser system (1064nm) the parameters are more advanced, and the marking made to the stainless-steel part of the key is permanent.

Yet, this wasn´t even the biggest customer benefit. It was the integration that Cajo systems enable between iLOQ EMS ERP systems as well as the user interface CajoMark and the electronic jig that is designed to program and position keys for marking.

All the systems talk with each other: the jig is programming the keys simultaneously while they are being marked and the user interface CajoMark gets the key-specific information from iLOQ ´s system. This way the laser marking system knows automatically what to mark on each key.

In general, CajoMark has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, which was also essential for iLOQ. “It doesn´t take too long from placing the 60 keys to the jig to everything being ready and marked”, praises Mr. Nyyssönen. In the production sites abroad, the operator might change every shift, and there can´t be any extra buttons in the UI to distract the machine operator. “What we originally wanted from the system has been achieved and we are very happy. The process is smooth and marking accuracy very good”.

Money savings through remote access

Mr. Nyyssönen has been in charge of the marking processes throughout the production sites globally and is very pleased with the functionality of the marking systems. The remote access has been the key to adjusting the marking parameters for different materials and saving thousands of euros in travelling.

iLOQ is also marking its new products with Cajo lasers. Mr. Nyyssönen and his team have been able to define the laser parameters for example for the new black glass fiber reinforced ABS key fobs by using the parameter test matrix, provided with the marking software.

New iLOQ key fob (glass fiber reinforced ABS), product marking done with Cajo laser marking system.


“In manufacturing, it´s often necessary to consider the marking solution from a wider perspective. How to position the piece and what kind of jig is needed? How about part handling? Do we need automation? Do we need perhaps robotics and/or vision? Many questions could arise and we at Cajo, together with our excellent partners, can also help you with these matters. If you are struggling with these questions, don´t hesitate to contact us!”
CEO Niko Karsikas