Finnbaum, the supplier of production lines for the wood and aluminium industry, integrates Cajo’s cost-effective Laser and intelligent code reader cameras into lines that utilize the latest technology

Objects moving on production lines built by Finnbaum get a permanent data matrix Laser Marking on their surface. When Finnbaum evaluated Laser suppliers, Cajo Technologies stood out from other companies thanks to customer-oriented service, good experiences and competitive prices for the comprehensive Laser Marking Solutions.

Finnbaum is a machine manufacturer and supplier specializing in wood and aluminium industrial processing. The Finnish company designs and builds modern production lines mainly for the window and door factories of the construction carpentry industry.

Finnbaum has integrated Cajo Technologies Lasers into its production lines since 2017. The Laser is mainly utilized for marking data matrix codes, but it has been also used to mark clear texts and customer logos.

The data matrix developed for an industrial environment is a 2D code that resembles a QR code. The purpose of the data matrix is to provide a unique identification code so that an object with the marking on it can be identified automatically in different stages of production. The data matrix marking is read by code reader cameras utilizing intelligent Machine Vision. The production line’s control logic retrieves the information related to the object from the production control database and stores the data produced by the code readers for production analysis.



Cajo’s reliable Laser Marking solutions enable high-quality and precise product and traceability markings also for organic materials, such as wood. The completely additive-free Laser Markings last throughout the product life cycle even in challenging conditions.


Finnbaum has developed the Finnbaum Analyzer tool with browser-based user interfaces for analyzing production. Reliable product traceability enables accurate key figures of production to be calculated automatically with a real-time view for production management. Finnbaum not only builds and supplies machines, but enables customers to have access to the company’s extensive expertise all the way from in-depth production development plans to comprehensive maintenance services.

“In practice, we use these technical solutions and production lines to develop the customers’ own production. By investing in these solutions, the customer’s production remains competitive, operations become more efficient and, if necessary, the customer also gets help with any difficulties in labour availability,” says Finnbaum COO Simo Leiviskä.


Finnbaum is a technological pioneer investing in the longevity of the company’s products

The majority of Finnbaum’s customers are domestic operators. In addition, export is increasing also to the Nordic countries, other parts of Europe and the United States of America. The cooperation between Finnbaum and Cajo Technologies began in 2016 when Finnbaum’s own customer was in need of a Laser Marking solution.

“At that time, we evaluated Laser Marking suppliers, and Cajo stood out from others thanks to customer-oriented service. In addition, positive experiences and competitive prices were taken into account,” Leiviskä recalls.

Finnbaum machines have a very high degree of automation, which brings significant benefits to the business and everyday activities of many customer companies. As a technological pioneer, Finnbaum is able to remotely connect to all the machining tools the company supplies. This means Finnbaum can offer the best possible maintenance support regardless of the machine’s geographical location.

The company also always invests in both the occupational safety and the longevity of its machines. Finnbaum extends the life cycle of its products by, for example, using established industrial components, which are stored at the Finnbaum production facility in Ylivieska whenever possible. In this way, it is possible to respond to customers’ spare parts needs even with very short notice if necessary. Cajo’s long-lasting Lasers provide further support for Finnbaum in realizing these goals.


Challenging marking needs were met together with joint efforts

When a customer orders a machine or a production line from Finnbaum, the Laser and code reader cameras are integrated into the solutions, and their control is connected to the control of the production line. This way, the customer has complete control of the whole production process. Before the construction and delivery of the production line, a thorough needs assessment and design process is carried out with the customer. Each project is exceedingly unique, and no two clients ever have the same needs.


The chosen solution integrated efficiently into the production line was the Cajo Tailor CO2™ Laser Marking System used to mark wood, glass stone, plastics, leather, and other organic materials precisely and permanently.


“This has been a learning process for us both because the marking needs of our customers have been among the most demanding. Both the marking and the code reading have been completed while the object is moving. Also, the markings have been applied to wood which is a very organic material. In addition to these cases, it has always been necessary to achieve high usability, or in other words, a high readability percentage for all the marked data matrix codes,” says Leiviskä.

Finnbaum received the first Laser Marking System delivery in 2017. From the beginning, Cajo Technologies has tested the materials used by Finnbaum’s customers first with Cajo’s own machinery, which has made it easier to make guidelines for new projects. Among other things, marking highly organic wood has required optimizing the parameters of the Laser. The companies’ common interests and honest communication have enabled the smooth progress of projects even through problematic situations.

“From the beginning, we have been able to give direct feedback and Cajo has always reacted to this feedback with direct action. Although we at Finnbaum have overall responsibility for the end customer, Cajo has taken a very active role in going through each case and needs,” Leiviskä praises and continues: “Learning has been accumulated from project to project — especially for us. In order for the entire traceability process to work with a very high level of reliability, we have learned to take into account the significance of the initial data and different variables.”


Two developing companies on the path of growth together

At the very core of Finnbaum’s own competitive edge is customer orientation. In order for the customer to be served in the best possible way, customer orientation must permeate all business operations, right down to the values of the company’s partners.

“In my opinion, Cajo has answered our demand in this because we have solved the customer needs in a very customer-oriented way. In addition to customer orientation, environmental values are important to us, and we want to offer end customers ecologically effective solutions. With that in mind, Laser Marking is really good,” Leiviskä says.

The company carries out continuous product development and always tailors and modulates solutions to the individual needs of the customers. Both Finnbaum and Cajo Technologies have the desire to grow, develop and learn new things. The companies have their sights steered in the same direction.

“The cooperation grows more intensive and deep all the time in this common customer base of ours,” Leiviskä concludes.



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