Inkjet replaced by integrable Cajo Tailor laser marking system

Boliden, the world’s fifth largest producer of zinc metal from smelters, previously used the ink jet method to mark the batch number and date of manufacture on their zinc bars. The method was challenging because of surface humidity and temperature variation between 80 and 110 Celsius degrees. Due to the heat, the zinc bars are cooled by water, which might leave small water pearls to the surface. This makes all the other marking methods unreliable.

“Cajo’s technology allows marking in an ecologically sound way with no additives or pigments.”

Thanks to Cajo’s technology, highly precise and abrasion-resistant marking with uniform quality can be carried out, regardless of the environment and surface. In addition, the location and content of the markings can be easily changed using an easy-to-use interface.

The solution by Cajo was a fully automated marking system integrated into the customer’s production line. (Check out video Boliden) Cajo Technologies supplied the engineering, installation and commissioning of the system, whereas the robot was supplied by our partner ABB.

The solution allows for inserting additional information in the marking, such as graphics, a bar code and a data matrix. It is essential for the further processing of the product that Cajo’s technology allows marking in an ecologically sound way with no additives or pigments.

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