LKM Berlin as the first German company offering Cajo´s advanced laser marking technology as a service in Germany

The Berlin-based plastics and metalworking company LKM Berlin is the first German job shop using Cajo Technologies laser marking systems and offering the advanced laser marking technology as a service in Germany.

The Finnish laser marking systems manufacturer Cajo Technologies Oy is a pioneer in the fields of laser marking software, material knowledge and the control of laser beams. The company is known for its patented laser marking technology, which was previously used, for example, for the non-additive colour marking of steel. Thereafter, the innovation has been developed to offer optimised and easy-to-use comprehensive solutions for traceability and product markings in production processes.

In addition to the laser marking services, LKM Berlin offers laser cutting, CNC-spinning, forming, plastics processing and measuring services. With all the machine tools available, the company is able to provide all the forming services for example for stainless steel and other metals, and to process different polymers.

“Flexibility and short set-up times are the most important features for a job shop”, says Markus Revermann, Sales Director Germany at Cajo Technologies, about the cooperation between the companies.

“With our marking systems, we are able to permanently mark a much broader range of materials than any other marking technology – and that fits perfectly with LKM as a specialist in metal and plastics processing. Particularly noteworthy here is the color marking on stainless steels as well as the marking of powder-coated metals.


LKM Laseranwendung für Kunststoff- und Metallverarbeitung GmbH
Herr Gerd Hessel
Boxberger Straße 13
12681 Berlin
Phone.: +49 30 543 6782

Cajo Technologies Oy
German Branch
Herr Markus Revermann
Ilexweg 30
49844 Bawinkel
Phone: +49 170 9962018