Cajo laser machine and marking on the fly

One question we hear a lot is: What is a laser marking machine’s capability to mark on the fly, or “fly marking”. Laser Marking on the fly is a process, where a component is marked while it is passing by a marking machine or device. Typically, markings are concerning internal traceability (product ID, batch number,

Disappearing inkjet markings as a sore point for Wavin

Wavin is a Dutch manufacturer of plastic pipes, mainly for drainage and water supply purposes. Their Swedish unit manufactures PE 80 (polyethylene) pipes and the end customer requires permanent traceability markings on pipes, which couldn´t be achieved with the previous inkjet marking method. Polyethylene is a relatively slippery material, so inkjet printing is not durable

From customer need to dedicated solution

From the beginning, Cajo´s business model has been based on providing the most suitable marking and traceability solutions that meet the customer needs. In the early days of company history, this was done by providing a mobile marking service from a moving van. From marking services, we switched through fully customized systems and project deliveries