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No company is an island. In today´s complex and fast-moving business environment, every company needs to bond relationships to create superior added value for end users. We believe great partnerships will be one of the critical factors for success.

We are a growth-driven company with enthusiastic people who share the same vision. We want to make sure that we will be the most desired laser marking provider within our chosen areas of business. To that end, we are experiencing a positive flow resulting in cooperation with the market-leading players in chosen markets. With deliveries now made to more than 70 countries, we are scaling up our business globally and this is a great opportunity for potential partners to join our strong partner network providing end-user solutions that result in great customer experience. Join our fast-growing team if you match the criteria below!

We are looking for partners with

  • Committed management and sales organization
  • The ability to invest in starting up the cooperation
  • Proactive overall company culture
  • The ability to provide after-sales services (support and training)

If you feel there is a match, are you ready for a lucrative and fun ride with us? If yes, please fill out the form and we will contact you soon for partnership discussions!

    Partnership application

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    We will provide you following benefits:

    • Cajo Technologies provides innovative laser marking solutions: fast traceability markings on-the-fly for challenging materials, without any additives or pigments needed
    • Cajo Technologies has a long-term market vision which will help you to build strong business strategies
    • Benefit from our fair & predictable business model and strengthen your position in your market
    • Join our group of innovative and proactive professionals boosting cooperation

    Cajo Partner Program provides you business opportunities due to flexible solutions. We understand your importance as a sales partner and are therefore committed to support you in your sales operations. Our skilled and committed professionals are there for you! We provide our partners training, pre- and post-sales technical support, and assistance in marketing programs to be successful.

    We look forward to value adding partnership with you!

    There is enormous potential in Anixter and Cajo’s merged service and product offering for our customers. Cajo’s world-class laser marking technology provides Anixter a competitive advantage as well as opportunities to provide laser marking solutions throughout our global footprint. We value Cajo’s agility and proactive business development, which meshes well into Anixter’s business culture.