New innovative and ecological way for permanent wiring system and cable marking

Each year, millions of feet of wire, cable and wire harnesses are installed in all types of buildings, automotive systems, and other objects and are subjected to many different environmental conditions. Because of the choices available, it is important to know which wiring is suitable for a specific situation. It is also important to be able to properly identify these locations.

Cajo Technologies offers innovative, cost-efficient and complete solutions for industrial markings for cables, wiring systems and wire harnesses. Markings can be on done on-the-fly, adjusted to customer´s production line speed. Cajo Technologies’ solutions make your marking process significantly quicker than when using traditional lasers or other technologies. For example, compared to inkjet, the cable marking made by Cajo laser marking system are more precise and permanent. Cajo systems are service-free and no additives or pigments are needed.


  • CASE: Power and speed for marking polyethylene (PE) plastic – durable laser markings for subsea umbilicals

    Cable marking, Direct part marking, Identification marking, Marking on the fly, Product marking

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  • CASE: Challenges to find a suitable marking solution for steel wires

    Brand protection, Cable marking, Identification marking, Marking on the fly, Traceability marking for metal

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