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Laser marking systems for permanent, high-quality markings

Laser marking offers the possibility to create high-quality product markings on virtually any material in any shape. Cajo Technologies provides laser marking systems for all industrial marking needs on various plastics, polymers, steel, aluminum, chrome, brass, copper, and other alloys. Markings can be made on virtually any product shape or form. We are confident we can find the traceability or brand marking solution for any production process. Additionally, Cajo’s lasers are able to perform at high speeds and even on metals that are still at high temperatures. The marking solution can be delivered as a stand-alone system, as a system integrated into a manufacturer’s production line, or as a capability added to other industrial fabrication equipment. Cajo lasers are a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative for your marking needs.

Why Cajo?

The patented laser marking technology developed by Cajo Technologies offers a wide range of options for marking products. Our expertise in laser marking software, material knowledge, and laser beam control are unmatched in the industry. Cajo laser marking systems are able to handle almost every type of marking application for numerous materials. Cajo solutions are widely used in various stages of finished and unfinished metal and wire products, automotive, shipping, and infrastructure industries, as well as marking end products, e.g. consumer electronics

On the fly laser marking

“On the fly marking” is a process where a component is marked while it is moving past a marking device. This can be difficult to achieve as the marking system needs to track the speed of the component and mark in the correct place while it is in motion. Cajo Technologies laser marking systems are capable of “on the fly” markings on many materials, without the need of slowing down the production process. Cajo laser markers are designed for continuous marking on production lines. Our specially developed solutions make it possible to have great marking quality even on high speed production lines. High peak power and pulse frequencies of Cajo laser markers maximize the production line capacity while maintaining great marking quality. Cajo laser marking system can easily be integrated into existing lines and ERP systems. Cajo’s solutions replace e.g. ink jet marking equipment with extremely short payback time.

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Cajo for marking on the fly:

  • Excellent marking quality
  • Markings on high line speeds
  • Integrable to existing line and ERP system
  • Applications for different industries
  • Modernizing ink jet equipment to laser technology with short payback time

Direct Part Marking

When it comes to marking parts for long term traceability – which can often mean over 30 years in aerospace, transportation, or communications – durability is crucial. For this reason, many manufacturers opt to mark important information and codes directly on the surface of a part using the most permanent marking solutions available. Direct part marking, also known as DPM, is the process in which traceability markings, part numbers or logos are marked directly on the surface of a component or finished product. It is the best way to ensure the durability of the marking, as well as identification and traceability of the product throughout its lifecycle.

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