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Cajo Tailor

Cajo Tailor is a laser marking system that can be integrated to a production line or to a device. It can replace efficiently traditional marking systems, such as ink jets. The solution allows for a precise, homogeneous and durable marking that is not dependent on the environmental conditions or surface structure. Cajo Tailor is a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution.

Integrable marking systems

Cajo Tailor™

Cajo Tailor™ is suitable for permanent marking of products and semi-products made of, for example, metals, plastics or coated plastics and metals.

Cajo Tailor CO2™

Cajo Tailor CO2™ is a laser system that is suitable for permanent marking of plastic, glass, stone, wood, leather and other organic materials.


Cajo Tailor Green™

Cajo Tailor Green™ is suitable for permanent marking of metals, coated metals, soft plastics e.g. silicon, and sensitive parts including electronic components.

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Following companies among others, use Cajo technologies marking systems: