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Cajo Tailor Green™

Cajo Tailor Green™ is a laser marker that can be inte-grated to a production line or to a device. It has been designed to replace the traditional marking systems, such as ink jets. Electrical and mechanical integrability as well as the system user experience and usability are excellent, thanks to Cajo’s own laser marking software CajoSuite. Cajo Tailor´s enables precise and durable markings with repeatedly same quality regardless of the environmental conditions or surface structure.

Cajo Tailor Green™ is suitable for permanent marking of metals, coated metals, soft materials like polymers (e.g. silicon), and sensitive parts including electronic components. It is optimal for creating all the traceability and identification markings, including micro-scale barcodes, data matrix and QR codes. Easy-to-use marking software CajoSuite, makes the making and customization of marking content easy and flexible. The software makes it possible to add variable marking information, such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information.

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