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Cajo Tailor™

Cajo Tailor™ and Cajo TailorPlus™ are fiber laser markers that can be integrated to a production line or to a device. These laser markers have been designed to replace the traditional marking methods, such as ink jets. Cajo Tailor™ and Cajo TailorPlus™ are one of the longest-lasting laser marking devices on the market. Electrical and mechanical integrability as well as the system user experience and usability are excellent, thanks to Cajo’s own software development. Cajo Tailor laser markers enables precise and durable markings with repeatedly same quality.

Cajo Tailor and TailorPlus are suitable for permanent marking of products and semi-products made of, for example, metals, plastics or coated plastics and metals. The Advanced model has wider adjustment possibilities, which enables marking of challenging materials such as soft polymers and light reflecting metals (copper, brass).

In Cajo Tailor™ and Cajo TailorPlus™ the operator´s user interface can be modified according to customer ´s needs. The remote control interfaces can be adapted to be compatible with the existing interfaces. Interfaces enables devices to be controlled from another system such as MES, PLC, or computer.

Cajo Tailor™ enables stationary marking. Easy-to-use marking software CajoSuite, makes the editing and customization of marking content easy and flexible. The software makes it possible to add variable marking information, such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information. The software supports also remote control.

Cajo TailorPlus™ enables stationary or high speed on-the-fly marking, without computer. Cajo TailorPlus™ is designed for 24/7 use in production facilities, where high performance and reliability are required. The marking content and the interfaces are defined together with the customer. Cajo TailorPlus™ has option for HMI user interface.

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