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Stand-alone marking systems for versatile marking of semi-finished and finished products

Our stand-alone marking systems can be used as separate working stations, or they can be integrated as a part of a production line with lots of configurations available, for example conveyor belt and automatic side doors. With our stand-alone systems, you can mark and create patterns flexibly on different semi-finished and finished products.

Stand-alone marking systems

Cajo Vega™

Cajo Vega™ marking system is suited for flexible and high class marking of semi-final and final products. It can be integrated as part of a production line or used as a separate working station.

Cajo Vega for Cables™

Cajo Vega for Cables™ is a completely automatized marking solution for continuous cable and wire marking. The system enables high-speed on-the-fly marking while delivering optimum marking result.

Cajo Vega for Wire harness™

Cajo Vega for Wire harness™ is a turn-key solution for high class marking of wire harnesses. It includes a dedicated jig for marking thin and ultra-thin wires.

Cajo Hercules Multimark™

Cajo Hercules Multimark™ is a turn-key solution for high-class marking of semi-finished and finished products with varying marking content. It enables marking multiple parts of one large item or several smaller items at one run.

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Following companies among others, use Cajo technologies marking systems: