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Cajo Vega™

Cajo Vega marking system has been specifically developed for flexible and high class marking of semi-finished and finished products. It is a safe turn-key solution (Laser Class 1) and equipped with protective housing and a door with a safety switch. Cajo Vega is capable of permanently marking metals, plastics and coated plastics and metals. With different laser units available it is possible to mark for example soft polymers and light reflecting metals like copper and brass. The system allows making of nonabrasive as well as engraving marking.

With lots of configurations available, for example conveyor belt and automatic side doors, it can be integrated as a part of the production line or used as a separate working station.

The external control stand with easy-to-use marking software CajoSuite, makes the making and customization of marking content easy and flexible. The software makes it possible to add variable marking information, such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information. The system is one of the longest-lasting marking devices on the market.

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