Cajo Technologies receives ELY Centres business development aid to help develop innovative new product marking solutions using sustainable Cajo Laser

Cajo Technologies receives funding from The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) business development aid to help develop innovative product marking solutions such as the sustainable Cajo MakeBright™ cardboard marking technology for the Packaging Industry. The new additive-free laser marking technology offered to manufacturers globally helps save valuable resources and the environment

KODMAK Automation from Istanbul delivers versatile and additive-free Cajo Laser Marking Solutions tailored to customer needs


KODMAK Automation based in Ataşehir, Istanbul, provides industrial manufacturers with diverse marking machines. By partnering with Cajo Technologies, KODMAK can deliver versatile and additive-free laser marking solutions tailored to customer needs. Thanks to the partnership, operators in and around the Republic of Türkiye can improve their production processes and save valuable resources with high-quality laser

Cajo Technologies brings cost-effective and additive-free Laser Marking solutions to the Middle East by partnering up with In-Seal WLL


In-Seal WLL Insulation & Engineering Company develops and enhances businesses in the Middle East and North Africa. The company’s extensive experience in Management, Sales, Marketing and Finance, and a strong regional network of clients and suppliers, enables Cajo as a partner to provide industrial manufacturers in the area with cost-effective and additive-free Laser Marking Solutions