CajoCad is a comprehensive software for quickly and easily designing and creating markings.

The software has a variety of CAD tools that make it straightforward to design markings for any purpose. Common patterns, lines, shapes, text in Windows TrueType, and machine-readable codes such as QR codes and bar codes are easy to add and customize. CajoCad is also well suited for creating markings with company logos and other images, which can be added to the marking as vector graphics. Software supports the use of automatically generated timestamps and serial numbers on markings in different forms. Variable marking content can be retrieved from a text file or Excel-spreadsheet. Additionally, CajoCad is used to design marking templates which are used in CajoMark.

Features of CajoCad:

  • Designing of marking templates and markings
  • Making markings
  • Copying of marking templates into new marking templates
  • Laser parameters for selected materials included
  • Adjusting the parameters of the laser
  • Markings may contain graphic objects such as lines, rectangles, circles, curves and text
  • All TrueType fonts installed in Windows can be used in markings
  • Single line fonts (162 pcs)
  • Markings may contain vector graphics (.plt, .dxf, .dst, .svg, .nc, .g)
  • Markings may contain bitmap images (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tga, .tif, .tiff).
  • Marking of common bar codes and 2D codes
  • Automatically generated timestamps
  • Creating serial numbers by increasing the value in every marking
  • Retrieval of variable marking content from a text file or Excel file
  • Marking on a round surface with a rotating device
  • Image processing, such as grayscale and black/white conversions
  • Versatile filling tools (hatch). Three different hatch layers can be made on one object at single run.
  • Data transfer through a serial port or LAN. Data can be for example a serial number to be marked
  • Laser controller I/O reading and writing
  • Testing the marking with a red dot
  • Support for protecting parameters with a password
  • Marking on the fly: marking is made on a moving item
  • Language versions Finnish and English

System requirements

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • USB port