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Modern manufacturing processes require modern solutions. Production requirements can vary case by case, but Cajo has developed solutions that can adapt to fulfill all those needs.

Cajo device platforms are designed for customers who need their manufacturing solutions to be more flexible and customizable to their daily production needs. Versatile products such as Cajo Chameleon™ can be configured according to production needs. The configuration can be completed by selecting a desired Cajo Laser unit, suitable power range, and optimal lens type. Additionally, different kinds of jigs and product fixtures can be mounted on the standard perforated base plate.

Our easy-to-use CajoSuite™ marking software designed in-house makes the marking and customization of marking content simple and flexible. The smart software makes it possible to design and create variable marking information, like logos, serial numbers, barcodes and 2D codes such as QR and data matrix codes.

In addition, Cajo’s cost-effective yet durable solutions are among the longest-lasting marking devices available on the market.

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We have recently developed dedicated marking solutions for various industries to better meet customer needs. For example, in the cable and wire harness industry, this means close cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, such as PKC Group and Prysmian Group. When PKC updated from two separate marking technologies into one Cajo fiber laser system, this decreased the amount of separate work phases, which allowed for payback time less than 8 months.
Niko Karsikas, CEO, Cajo Technologies

Cajo Chameleon™ adapts to the needs of your production requirements

Cajo Chameleon™ is a device platform that can be easily adapted to various needs. It can efficiently mark pieces that fit inside the machine as well as larger products that can be fed through the machine.

Cajo Chameleon™ can mark various products, such as cables, pipes, profiles or any other extruded products. The machine can be utilized as an integral part of the manufacturing line where products are continuously fed through the machine and marked on the fly.

Cajo Chameleon™ includes a manual Z-axis for working distance adjustment according to product height. If an automatic adjustment for preferred working distance is required, Cajo Chameleon™ can be equipped with a Cajo Tailor™ 2.5D marking unit.

Choose Cajo for versatile product marking.

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