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Cajo Tailor™ is a laser marking solution that can be integrated into a production line or into a device. It efficiently replaces all other marking methods traditionally used in the industry, such as inkjets or other wasteful equipment. Cajo Tailor™ lasers are widely used in various stages of finished and unfinished metal and wire products, automotive and medical industries, as well as marking end products, e.g. consumer electronics.

Among our Cajo Tailor™ laser marking systems are Fiber, FiberPlus, Fiber Advanced, UV, CO2, Green and Deep Engraver. All Cajo Tailor™ units enable precise and durable markings with repeatedly the same high quality. Electrical and mechanical integrability as well as the system user experience and usability are the best available on the market. Cajo laser marking systems have some of the longest life cycles on the market enabling manufacturers to improve production processes and save costs and other valuable resources.

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It doesn´t take too long from placing the 60 keys to the jig to everything being ready and marked. What we originally wanted from the system has been achieved and we are very happy. The process is smooth and marking accuracy very good.


Cajo Tailor Fiber™ is a family of IP65-rated laser marking systems that can be integrated into a production line or into other devices. The powerful laser marking machine is designed for 24/7 use in production facilities where high quality, performance, and reliability are required.

The flexible laser marker has been designed to replace all outdated and wasteful marking methods such as inkjets traditionally used in the industry.

Cajo Tailor Fiber™ is suitable for permanently marking products and semi-products made of, for example, metals, plastics, or coated metals and coated plastics.

The Cajo Tailor FiberPlus™ model is a versatile all-around marking machine. It is an affordable and capable solution for most applications improving industrial production processes.

The Cajo Tailor Fiber Advanced™ model has a wider range of adjustment possibilities, which enables the marking of challenging materials such as soft polymers and light-reflecting metals, including copper and brass.

Cajo Tailor™ integrable marking solutions can be operated with CajoSuite™ PC software or with CajoSmart™ embedded software. Both control solutions provide software interfaces that enable the devices to be controlled and monitored from another system such as MES, PLC, or computer.

CajoSuite™ is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software for laser marking. The flexible software makes the editing and customization of marking content easy and contains features for designing markings and variables, such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information, for full traceability and product identification. The user-friendly software offers a simple user interface for operators. The software has two modes, the Design Mode, and the Production Mode.

CajoSmart™ is an embedded software designed for high-speed and time-critical manufacturing processes. CajoSmart™ enables synchronized control of several marking heads at the same time and supports variable marking content with an option for a touchscreen interface. This revolutionary solution provides first-class laser markings in a hectic manufacturing environment. No PC is needed on the production floor thanks to Cajo’s embedded onboard control system.

Cajo Technologies combines laser control and software solutions for optimal marking results. Cajo’s cutting-edge technology offers a high-performing solution to any production environment and application needs. Together, the comprehensive laser marking solutions enable manufacturers to greatly improve production processes.

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Cajo’s IP65-rated models are some of the strongest marking machines on the market. The IP65-rated marking heads are designed for the most demanding industrial conditions. Dusty and dirty environments are not a challenge for these durable laser marking systems. The marking head is designed to withstand direct splashing water in industrial environments where, for example, water purification is required.

Available models: Fiber 20, 50 100 W | FiberPlus 20, 60 W | Fiber Advanced 20 W

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Cajo constantly develops new innovative marking technologies that improve the production efficiency of manufacturers.

  • 2.5D marking head equipped with an optical focus point adjustment for versatile production
  • Easy adjustment enables rapid change of the marking level improving production efficiency
  • The solution enables a simple and cost-effective mechanical design for applications where focus point adjustment is required
  • Recommended solution for challenging objects with variable height or multiple different marking surfaces

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Cajo Tailor UV™ – The ultimate unit for intelligent marking

Cajo Tailor UV™, enables laser marking for a wider spectrum of materials than ever before.

UV laser can produce high-contrast, high-quality markings without damaging the surface of the material. The Cajo Tailor UV™ model enables the marking of challenging materials such as plastics, polymers, silicons, foil materials, and light-reflecting metals. With the UV laser, it is possible to achieve qualitative improvement while increasing production efficiency and marking speed.

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Cajo Tailor CO2™ – Cost-efficient marking unit for organic materials

Cajo Tailor CO2™ is suitable for permanent marking of plastic, glass, stone, wood, leather and other organic materials. CajoSuite™ is an easy-to-use marking software that makes designing and customizing marking content easy and flexible. The software makes it possible to add variable marking information, such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information.

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Cajo Tailor Green™ – marking unit for niche materials

Cajo Tailor Green™ is suitable for permanent marking of metals, coated metals, soft materials like polymers (e.g. silicon), and sensitive parts, including electronic components. It is optimal for creating all the traceability and identification markings, including micro-scale barcodes, data matrix and QR codes.

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Cajo Tailor Deep Engraver™

Cajo Tailor Deep Engraver™ is a laser marker that can be integrated to a production line or to a device. The system is designed for deep engraving of metals. The deep engraved markings also enable readability on metals with flake formation and rust, which makes Cajo Tailor Deep Engraver™ an optimal marking solution for all applications in the first stages of metal processing chain (marking of plates, rolls, coils etc.).

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