CajoSuite Studio™


Design Mode is an easy-to-use CAD tool for designing markings.

The software has all the needed CAD features that make it an advanced tool for designing markings for any purpose. In addition to basic shapes, marking can contain vector graphics, texts, barcodes and 2D-codes – and many others. The parameter database enables you to load and save parameters for used materials. New parameters can be tested easily using the test matrix tool. Designs created with the Design Mode can be utilized in the Production Mode.

Production Mode is an easy-to-use software interface for operating Cajo lasers in a daily production environment.

Easy-to-use user interface and product-specific workflow make controlling the marking process easy. Variable marking content and settings can be entered manually in the Production Mode or automatically using tools in the Design Mode. Variable marking content can be, for example, product IDs, serial numbers, batch numbers, and timestamps. CajoSuite Studio™ also offers a default Cajo TCP/IP interface for integrating Cajo laser marking systems with existing production and automation systems. Interfaces can be used to remotely control the marking system from an external system (e.g. PLC or robot). This enables fully automatic operation.

To whom: Operator-driven serial production with simple markings.

What: Includes the CajoSuite Basic™ features, user permission control and selection of production mode features. Default Cajo TCP/IP communication is available for integrations.

Use cases:

1. Serial production where the volume consists of tens or hundreds of pieces per day. The production is done by utilizing the production mode features. The operator feeds the piece to be marked under the laser and starts the marking event. Marking is done according to the chosen file in production mode. If marking files contain variable data, the data will be automatically updated when markings proceed e.g. time stamps.

2. CajoSuite Studio™ can be used in automatic production through the TCP/IP interface. A robot could serve the laser, send the product selection and variable data via the interface and start the marking process.


Download a comparison chart of available features in each of the CajoSuite™ versions.

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