Shepherd Controls and Cajo Technologies Partner to Bring Advanced Laser Marking Tech to Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico

Shepherd Controls, highly respected experts in providing industrial automation technology, and Cajo Technologies, maker of the most advanced laser marking systems in the US, have come together to offer improved traceability and brand marking options to automotive component and medical device manufacturers Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico. This exciting partnership will enable the region’s manufactures to stay ahead of the competition with the most effective, durable, and precise marking technology for metals, plastics, and cables.

Carlos Loeza of Shepherd Controls said they been looking for a laser marking system partner that not only provided the level of service to ensure customer success from the start, but that could also create precise enough markings to be compatible with the Cognex scanners and Pro-Face data collection systems they provide.

Our market has many laser marking opportunities. Because Cajo Techologies is solely committed to laser marking and has emphasized a focus on customer success, this partnership will give us the needed support to be confident in the laser marking solutions we offer our customers.
-Carlos Loeza, Sales Manager, Shepherd Controls

He also commented that Cajo’s laser marking systems’ ability to mark on cables and cable harnesses has huge potential as no other competitors have expertise in that area. Additionally, Cajo’s bright, permanent color laser markings on steel, titanium, and chrome demonstrate their innovative approach to marking technology.

About Cajo Technologies

Cajo Technologies produces innovative laser marking solutions for all industrial and branding purposes that can be easily integrated in factory production lines or one-off use. These laser marking systems are widely used in the metal industry, plastics industry, cable and cable harness production, and the medical equipment industry. Cajo’s laser marking solutions create precise and virtually permanent component traceability, identification, and brand markings including 2D markings such as QR codes, bar codes, and data matrices with no product maintenance needed. In addition, our patented technology creates bright, repeatable colors on stainless steel, titanium, and chrome with no additives or pigments needed.

Interested in creating permanent traceability and brand markings on virtually any material? Send us your hard-to-mark material samples and let’s talk laser marking solutions! Cajo Technologies R&D: 1521 Washington Ave., New Orleans, LA 70130

Shepherd Controls
Contact: Carlos Loeza, Sales Manager
800 533 1866
203 S. Jupiter Rd., Suite A
Allen, TX 75002

Cajo Technologies
Contact: Ismo Rantala, President
(212) 810-0401
1521 Washington Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70130

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