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CajoMark™ is the easy-to-use software for operating Cajo lasers in a production environment.

Easy-to-use user interface and product specific workflow makes the controlling of marking process easy. User interface and workflows can be configured according customers’ needs. The marking workflow, which controls the whole marking process from beginning to end, can be modeled for each customers’ product separately. Variable marking content and settings can be entered manually or retrieved from other systems, such as database. Variable marking content can be, for example product IDs, serial numbers, batch numbers, and timestamps. With the software Cajo laser marking system can be connected to customers’ existing production and automation systems. Additionally, CajoMark™ supports remote control of Cajo laser marking systems via local area network.

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Features of CajoMark™:

Clear and easy-to-use interface

Control of marking processes from start to finish

Interfaces and integrations for a variety of devices and systems

Product-specific settings, user interface and workflow

Product-specific and automatic marking head distance setting based on product height

Controlling the peripheral devices

Integration to other systems, e.g. production control systems and automation systems

Remote control with remote commands (serial port or LAN)

Setup of text and settings used in the marking process through the user interface or integrations

Retrieving text or data to be used in marking process from customer’s systems (e.g. database or CSV file)

Rotating and moving the markings, for example, based on the information provided by the automation system

Sending marking information to customers information systems (e.g. database)

Serial number generation

Calculation of checksum numbers

Language versions Finnish, English and German


Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system

Implemented device integrations


CajoMark™ supports all Cajo laser marking systems

ABB robots

CajoMark™ supports the control of ABB robots and reading and writing of its parameters.

Motorola and Cognex DataMan bar code readers

The reader can be used to verify the quality of marking and for entering variable marking data (such as work order number or serial number).

Serial port and LAN

The software can also be run without user interface by executing remote commands through a serial port or local area network (LAN). This allows, for instance, another automation system to control the operation of Cajo laser marking system remotely. The content of the marking can be transferred to the marking system via LAN or serial port in CSV or JSON format.


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