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CajoSuite Design mode

CajoSuite Design mode is easy to use CAD for quickly and easily designing and creating markings.

The software has all needed CAD features that make it advanced tool for designing marking for any purpose. In addition to basic shapes marking can contain vector graphics, texts, barcodes and 2D-codes. Parameter database enables to load and save parameters for used materials. New parameters can be tested easily using test matrix tool. Designs created with Design mode can be utilized in Operator mode.

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Designing and creating of markings and marking templates

Parameter database for used materials and possibility to add parameters for new materials

Test matrix tool for finding new parameters

Basic shape tools, for example lines, rectangles and circles

Advanced text tool which support TrueType and SHX fonts

Advanced barcode tool which supports all commonly used barcode and 2D-code types

Advanced hatch tool (filling) which supports different type of hatches

Advanced transformation tools, for example rotating, scaling and mirroring

Special tools for modifying objects (for example array, offset, align, explode and auto connect)

DXF and DWG import tool for importing existing vector graphics to the marking

Variable content can be included to texts and barcodes, for example automatic serial numbers and timestamps

Laser source status is shown in the program

Marking system I/O reading and writing

Red dot (pilot laser) control for adjusting marking position

User level management

Language versions Finnish, English and German