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Manufacturing in health care sector is going through a big change. Supply chain traceability and individual device identification is of high priority and that affects the ways of manufacturing. The new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) sets the new standard for the industry. The MDR was published May 5th 2017 and came into force on May 25th 2017. Manufacturers are going through a transition time to meet the requirements of the regulation. Transition deadline is May 26th 2021. One of the absolute key points of the new regulation in EU is the implementation of unique device identification (UDI). It mandates the use of UDI mechanism. This enables the manufacturers and authorities to trace devices with a potential safety risk.

Likewise, consumer electronics require regulated markings in the products. For instance, CE mark is a requirement for all the products sold within European Union. Other markings manufacturers use are e.g. Manufacturer identification (logos and trademarks), model identification (number and name) and individual unit identification such as serial number, QR- code, date code and batch code etc. These markings should last on the product for possibility to identify it during later stages of the product life cycle.

The building of a user interface went smoothly based on requirements given to Cajo. We reviewed the user interface several times during development and the result was exactly what we need for our production.


Medical device and consumer electronics use a wide material base. However, from a laser marking technology point of view, they are typically relatively easy to mark. Cajo is able to help in assessing how challenging the materials are for laser marking – How well does the laser work together with the materials to be marked? This is done through Cajo’s laser specialist team in our evaluation process. (Book a demo) The outcome will be functional marking parameters for specific materials. The customer will receive a proof of concept even before the decision. That is why Cajo is a safe partner when selecting a marking solution provider.

Sometimes the marking environment for products is a cleanroom type environment. Cleanroom classification is done through measuring the number and size of particles permitted per volume in the air in the space. Cajo’s laser marking solutions support cleanroom markings with a fume extractor solution and connectivity to a customer’s general system for dust and particle removal. Automation of marking solutions and cells are also in huge demand within the industry. Cajo’s software products and software interfaces support the integration between any device and software. This enables a fully automated, effective production process with high-quality permanent laser markings.

Cajo’s product portfolio consists of on-the-spot solutions for these industries. Typically, applications are built around Tailor™ and Vega™ solutions. Tailor™ is an integrable marking unit to any production line or manufacturing cell. Vega™ is a standard solution with a plug-and-play approach. However, it can also be a part of a production line when equipped with e.g. side-feed track. The right type of laser can be defined during the evaluation process while finding the right parameters for customer materials. The parameters will be delivered when the customer purchases the marking solution from Cajo.

Cajo for Medical Devices: data matrix on plastic


Cajo is able to provide solutions to meet the high standards of manufacturing efficiency. The Cajo laser marking solution platform enables a high level of integration in the production environment through flexible design. This enables manufacturers to utilize Cajo solutions to their full potential. Typically, customer needs to integrate the Cajo laser marking solution with their existing ERP system or other databases for fetching the marking content for the laser. The Cajo software solutions supports integration enabling flexible operation. The Cajo laser marking solutions is proven to have reduced cycle time for marking. As an example, a medical device manufacturer operated with an old marking technology with a cycle time lasting for minutes. When replacing the old solution with a Cajo laser, the marking time was reduced to seconds. That is what we like to call efficiency!

We at Cajo are ready to help you with any possible marking challenge you may have. We represent world-class know-how in laser marking and are always able to provide proof of concept before you make your decision. We want to be your trustworthy partner for years to come. Contact us today!



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