Cajo provides manufacturers with high-quality tools that help them and their customers thrive. By choosing Cajo’s comprehensive Laser Marking solutions, you can ensure total control of the marking process.

Our ground-breaking and sustainable technology enables the generation of machine-readable traceability markings that last through the whole product life cycle also in challenging circumstances. All Cajo Laser Marking Systems and Cajo Software Solutions are based on our high-quality product development.

At the core of high-quality Laser Marking is the Cajo Control Board™ – a high-performance laser control system designed purely for Laser Marking in industrial environments. The in-house designed control system enables Cajo to continuously develop new marking solutions for changing marking needs.

The seamless combination of the CCB + Cajo Laser + Cajo Laser Marking Software, including the PC-operated software CajoSuite™ and the embedded software CajoSmart™, makes it possible to provide the best possible marking solutions for any production environment. When further combined with intelligent CajoVision™ code reading solutions, manufacturers who choose Cajo enable complete control of the marking process.

Together, Cajo’s comprehensive Laser Marking solutions enable high-quality, precise and permanent traceability and identification markings that are fully machine-readable from the production line to the end user.

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In addition, Cajo’s patented Laser Marking technology is 100 % additive-free meaning manufacturers can save costs and the environment by using Cajo Laser.

Cajo’s cutting-edge technology is used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Request a product marking demonstration from us to see why.

Choose Cajo’s comprehensive product marking solutions.